The Weekly Tarot Story


Good morning everyone, here we are at Wednesday February 24, 2021. The card for the collective today is Forgiveness; again an interesting card to follow yesterday’s. Chances are a situation may come up today or in the near future that will cause a misunderstanding. It could even be a past issue we thought long over and done coming back to rear its head.

A willingness or lack of willingness to forgive can be a real sticking point for some people. The act of forgiveness, whether for ourselves or someone else is a tremendous release which offers a clean slate to regroup and try again if we choose.

Not one of us is perfect. Sometimes we make mistakes fail or don’t achieve goals we set for ourselves. People disappoint, hurt, and lie to each other. That leaves an open wound we feed with anger, bitterness and judgement. Refusing to forgive leaves one stuck in the past and that is where we don’t want to be. So, forgive what needs to be forgiven. Accept that maybe we’ve tried and failed. Forgive bad decisions. Find the lesson and release it. It doesn’t mean we have to forget but healing the wound takes so much emotional weight off of our shoulders.

Have a wonderful day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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