The Weekly Tarot Story

Page of Swords
New way of Thinking

Good morning. Here we are at the end of another Weekly Tarot Story. Can you believe we are seven weeks into this year already? Wow! The card that came up for the collective for today’s final chapter of our story is the Page of Swords.

We’ve had several cards that stir emotion this week.They all do, of course, that is their purpose. The Tarot guides us through the mountain top and dark valley moments of our lives. Today’s does as well. Being a Page we are being offered something new. As the Page of Swords it may be a fresh new idea, a new perspective found after walking away from something we were trying to make work.

Our Page is Swords up in preparation for what is coming. He isn’t standing on level ground so we will need to steady ourselves before we make a move but we only have room for the new when we’ve let go of what no longer serves.

Have a fantastic day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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