The Daily Tarot Story

Full Moon in Cancer
A personal issue reaches resolution

Good morning everyone! We are halfway through the week and have our third full moon card in a row, Full Moon in Cancer. Like Monday this is in a water sign so this influence could intensify emotion we are experiencing throughout the day. As in the previous two days the challenge iss to avoid getting wrapped up in worry, fear, negativity and the drama these low energies bring with them.

The message our card has for us is a good one. A personal issue is coming to a close. Whether it is the issue needing adjustment from Sunday or something else may be different for the collective as a whole but it remains good news.

We are living in challenging times, there is no denying the fact, but to know that something good is on its way sure helps! Stay strong, centered, focused and grateful for the wonderful things we have and for what is on the way to us. Even if we can’t see it yet!!

Have a fantastic day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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