The Daily Tarot Story

The Moon
Hidden things, Deception

Week have Guest Reader, BJ, pulling the cards for this week’s Daily Tarot Story. He is using his beautiful, colorful Waite Smith deck. Lets see what today and this week has in store for us.

Good morning. We are starting out the Daily Tarot Story with Major Arcana card The Moon. When this card comes up it’s to let us know there might be something going on we’re not aware of. This card shows us both the Sun and the Moon. Both give us light but the Moon not as much. The moon casts shadows and shadows hide things.

As we move through our day it will be necessary to pay attention to our intuition. Let it point us to the truth. Whether that truth is something being hidden from us or something we are hiding to ourselves. This truth, whatever it is, will be important.

Have a good day everyone, BJ

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