What Happened and What Next?

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Here we are at New Year Eve 2020. I don’t know about you all but it feels like its taken two years to get here!! This year was a bit of a dumpster fire, wasn’t it? Being a Master Number Year, we knew it would be. Master Numbers bring big change, and for change to happen there has to be room and that will happen by choice or by force. What is meant to be will be whether or not we’re ready for it. This year had to happen in order to open the door for what is coming. I personally have had change come to me both ways. I can tell you letting it in by choice is much better than by force!

There’ve been a lot of thoughts running through my mind the last few days. I’m sure this has been the case for you as well. One thing on my mind is am I ready for 2021? Yes, Absolutely!!! As frightening as this year has been for many people across the globe, it has given us such a wonderful gift. The gift of time to reconnect with ourselves, and our family. Time to rest and re-evaluate our priorities as individuals and as a society.

For me, I’ve done a great deal of inner work. I healed and released a lot of stuff I didn’t need to be hanging onto, including a few people. The hard part about healing is, loving ourselves enough to make you a priority. Honestly that’s always been difficult for me but I did it. Doing the work gave me the confidence to do things I dreamed about but never believed I could do because I believed more in the belief systems heaped on me than I did my heart. Not anymore though!

So what might 2021 have in store for us? It is a five year; that means it will be a year of being open to change. Five holds the energy of flexibility, variety, freedom and the unexpected. Things can conceivably change for the better in a big way but be prepared for the not so fun stuff too. With the number five things can change very quickly.

I did a Tarot reading using a spread I created which looks at the year ahead. The reading is based on the numerology of querent. As this is a reading for the collective I used the Universal Year Five making the querent card The Hierophant. The reading answers three questions.
 1. What is the major focus of the year?
 2. What is the challenge or obstacle to be faced this year?
 3. What advice is being offered to help?

Here is what came up for the collective. I used the Angel Wisdom Tarot by Radleigh Valentine.

2021 for the collective

In this deck the Hierophant is called Wise Counselor. As the card representing 2021 it is telling us, the collective, to be careful that we don’t rush into decisions. Traditionally this card represents following tried and true methods of getting things done. That’s all well and good but sometimes we have to think outside the box. Consider all options carefully before making an important choice. If trying something new is worth the risk and you are comfortable with it. Take that leap but sometimes the old way is the best.

  1. The card answering the first question, what is the major focus of the year is a very positive card, The Wheel. When this card comes up, good things are coming. It represents a new cycle is beginning and a change for the better. This can come unexpectedly and it can mean the change may come through the back door disguised as something we may not want. Hang on though; the five’s energy always makes us smile!
  2. Our challenge or obstacle card is the Eight of Water. As the challenge or obstacle it tells us that walking away from things that no longer serve our highest good may be difficult this year. I understand I’m sure we all do. Sometimes staying in a less than happy relationship or a horrible job is better than facing the unknown. Remember though that each of us is worth living our best version whatever that may be. Of course it won’t be easy and it will take time but the struggle to get there is where the growth will come and the satisfaction will be amazing when we get there.
  3. The final card in our reading is advice for 2021. That comes to the collective in the Four of Earth. This tells us to be very careful with our resources in 2021. When looking at a year full of the unexpected, knowing we have the financial wherewithal to take care of a flat tire, a health issue or to simply keep the bills paid is very comforting. Take a close look at the budget and trim it where possible. Every extra dollar in the bank in the coming year might be just what we need.

Overall I think this is a promising read for our New Year and we deserve some good news! I am offering this reading at half off the normal price through January 5. Contact me if you would like a personal reading for 2021.

Blessings for the year ahead ❤ Sharon

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