The Daily Tarot Story

Eight of Swords
Fear, Negative Thinking

Good morning! It is Wednesday December 23, 2020 and our card for today, the Eight of Swords, is the first of three from the realm of for the week. So, we are more than likely going to be all up in our heads for the rest of this week. That doesn’t have to keep us from making progress though!

The Eight of Swords coming to our tarot story so close on the heels of three positive cards can be telling us we may have some reservations about what we are working on or planning. We could even be worried about the day to day goings on with Christmas details and family gatherings during the pandemic.

When we stop to think about it, there really isn’t any shortage of things to worry about this year. We’ve had many opportunities to throw roadblocks into our path. But, that is all they are and we have the power to tear them down.

The only purpose for fear and worry is to slow us down enough to give us the opportunity to think our way through a problem. If we give ourselves that time today we can do just that. Check the plans. Make changes if needed and keep going!!

Have a fantastic day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon
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