The Daily Tarot Story

Purify, Detox, Cleanse

I love the synchronicity of Smudging Ceremony coming up for the collective today. Yesterday’s card, as you remember was Spirit Keeper of the West and its guidance was to let go of past emotions and experiences that we don’t need to be hanging onto.

Unfortunately we can’t just decide one day that a bad memory or a hurtful word spoken to us or about isn’t going to affect our lives anymore. Letting go is a process. We have to be brave enough to feel the hurt. Examine it, understand the triggers, heal the wound in our hearts and forgive.

As we move through the healing process this week Smudging Ceremony offers a wonderful way to help us clear negative energy and mental clutter to help us and our homes feel lighter.

Smudging is a sacred ceremony that can be done anytime, but should be done properly. If you would like to know how to perform this ceremony, follow this link Smudging 101, it will take you to an article I wrote back in 2015.

Have a fabulous day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon
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