The Dark Moon and a Shameless Plug

Today is the beginning of the Dark Moon Cycle which means we have the coming two days to focus on setting our intentions. This Dark Moon, however, is different than normal in two ways.

The first being, it is a Supermoon. We can’t see it, of course, but the extra boost of energy can be felt. It will also go a long way to give us a shove in the direction we need to be going to bring much needed growth and change.

The second thing about our Dark Moon this month is that Mars went retrograde a few days ago. This did a lot to throw up roadblocks to forward movement. If that isn’t enough Mars is also having a conversation with Saturn, which is retrograde until the 29th. This conversation will only increase any frustrations we might be feeling.

Even though the Dark Moon is the time for planning and looking forward; Mars is not going to be a big help in this department. The solution is to use its retrograde energy for our benefit. It is a good thing that our Dark Moon is in Virgo!!

The Mars/Virgo combo is going to be awesome for us. When retrograde, Mars encourages us to look back not forward. Doing this we can take a look at what worked and what didn’t. We will have the chance to learn from past mistakes and perhaps even revisit an idea or project and see new ways to maybe give it another go.

Our Virgo Moon is going to help us be honest with ourselves as we look back. It will help us see what needs to change then help us lay the groundwork to make it happen. Emotionally it may not be the easiest couple of days but if we are open it will be a very productive time for us. The insight and clarity gained will help us manifest wonderful things for ourselves and those we love.

Insert Shameless Plug!

As a Tarot reader I thoroughly enjoy helping people find the direction and clarity they are looking for in their lives. To that end, for the duration of this Dark Moon Cycle, September 16 to 18, I am offering $10.00 off my normal $30.00 fee for a reading. If you are searching for answers I would love to help. Leave a comment and we can set up a time best for you and together we will see what the cards have to tell you.

Have a blessed Dark Moon!

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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