The Week Ahead

One of the things I like about tarot is that it tells a story. In the week ahead posts it tells the story of how our week might flow. I had a moment of inspiration a few days ago encouraging me to change the weekly tarot post back to a daily one, and to show the progression of the cards and the story.  

This post has yesterday’s card, the Four of Pentacles reversed, and today’s the Page of Swords. In the reverse the Four of Pentacles has us reevaluating our idea of money and what it can do for us. There is nothing wrong with saving or being careful with our resources, but if we don’t put them to work for us there will be no growth. 

The Pages of the tarot inspire a new beginning. The Page of Swords, a new thought, belief, or perhaps an idea for an investment or business. Our Page has his sword up appearing to be on guard. Careful consideration of potential ideas is necessary. We don’t want to spend foolishly. Any ideas should be researched to ensure risks are worth the time, energy and expenditure of our hard-earned resources.  

Have a wonderful day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon 

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