The Week Ahead

 I used the Native Spirit Oracle cards by Denise Linn for our Week Ahead reading for the collective. The message our cards, Sweat Lodge and Spirit of Water, have for us is one of letting go and trusting.

Sweat Lodge lets us know it is time to go within and clear out the emotional clutter in our lives. Let go of those things that no longer have a place in our life. This can also transfer over to our physical lives as well. We can get rid of the things we have that we don’t need or use. Perhaps we can even take this one step further and detox our bodies.

Cleansing ourselves body, mind and soul gives us room for us to grow. It gives us the ability to have a clear view of our path, our dreams and those people and things that are important to us. Be open to intuitive promptings this week. Watch for signs showing what needs to be released in order to make room for what is waiting to be let in.

Have a fabulous week  Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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