The Week Ahead

With our three day Full Moon cycle beginning yesterday, I wasn’t exactly sure whether I would use my Moonology Oracle deck by Yasmin Boland for a Weekend reading or for our Week Ahead. As you can see, I chose the Week ahead. The cards that came up for us are New Moon in Leo, Full Moon and the Fixed Moon.

Having both a Full Moon and a New Moon card in our reading we can expect some kind of ending or turning point moment in the days ahead. Because of this we must stand strong and have faith that everything will be alright in spite of any confusion of chaos going on around us.

This is not a time to hesitate or give up. It is a time to be brave, be strong and show the world what we have to offer. If we are indeed coming to the end of a cycle, that means a new one is beginning. So, let’s all shine and let the world see how magnificent we are!!

Have a fabulous week! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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