August A Deeper Look

Here we are with July almost gone and August ahead of us. Hopefully we made some progress in July, and we look forward to new beginnings. let’s take a look at what August has in store for us.

Numerology: This is a three month which gives us the energy of joy, and creativity. It should be a wonderful month for finding creative solutions to problems that will help pave the way toward our goals.
Card: The card for the month of August is the Ace of Pentacles. Aces, as you know are new beginnings. As an Earth Element our new beginning will be in an area dealing with something that holds value to us within this 3D reality. Perhaps a new job, better health for ourselves or a loved one; it could be an inheritance or a financial windfall. Even a move that may bring a higher level of success and opportunity. The potential for this month ahead depends on our maintaining a good attitude and being open to fresh ideas.
Moon Cycle: The full moon and dark moon trade places this month, with our Full Moon in Aquarius shining bright August third or fourth depending on where in the world you live. This moon phase is likely to shake things up a bit by bringing some crazy or shocking events. It may even be game changing events.
Don’t let any upheavels shake you to badly. Stay alert to what is going on and open to different ways to handle it. The Dark Moon in Leo on the 19th and 20th will see things opening up and looking better for us.
Retrogrades: I am sure you are probably still feeling the effects of the five planets currently retrograde. In addition to the retrograde party happening in the outer reaches of our system, Uranus is joining the group just before our Dark Moon, on the 15th and will station direct on January 14th, 2021.
Uranus is the planet of liberation, freedom and the unexpected. When retrograde its energy is not much different than when it is traveling forward. For us, this means we can expect to experience the inner push to move forward with ideas and plans. To free ourselves from those things, people and situations that are keeping us from living our most authentic lives.
Prepare for and expect the unexpected while this planet is moving backward. Especially in October as Uranus will oppose Mercury. communication may be unclear so it will be important to understand fully what is going on. This five month period is a fantastic opportunity to liberate yourself!!
Remember that periods of retrograde are times where the planets are traveling backward through situations we’ve already experienced. This is why they are a perfect time to reflect and make changes where they are necessary.
Other Interesting Events: The month before us has three interesting events. Two we can see and one which we cannot but we certainly can experience. They are the Comet Neowise, Meteor Showers and The Lions Gate.
Comet Neowise: Historically comets have a reputation of being bad omens. It is believed they bring sadness, death and destruction. Whatever this one, called Neowise, may bring has yet to be seen. The next few days are the last chance to get out and view this amazing once in a lifetime event. The comet was discovered, or shall I say rediscovered on March 27th of this year. Neowise is fascinating on several levels. The first being, the last time it made a pass by Earth was 6000+ years ago and it won’t be back around for equally as long. This is also the first comet to be named for something other than the people to find it. It was names for a telescope in space designed to find such objects.
My son and I went out several days ago to find the comet. The best way to find it is by using binoculars or a telescope, but it can be seen by the naked eye. We found it by locating the big dipper just after sunset. Look for the tail below the dipper. I do have to say it is difficult to see with the naked eye, but once you see the long tail you can’t not see it. Even though it is faint in the night sky.
Meteor Showers: August is a month of meteor showers. The ancients believed they brought blessings and messages for the Gods. We could certainly use a few blessing couldn’t we!
Meteor showers are ranked by the number of potential sightings per hour. There are two major meteor showers going on in August and they both began in July. These are the Delta Aquids which are peaking as July turns into August and the Pleiades which are going to peak between August 11 and 13. With these two showers alone there is a good chance to see as many as 40 to 50 sightings per hour if the sky is clear.
Four of the minor meteor showers happening in August are the Alpha Capricornids happening through August 11, the Piscis Austrinids through the 18th, the Kappa Cygnids through the 17th and the Aurgids which will end arounf September 7th but peak around August 31st. The thing with the smaller meteor showers is that the sightings can be as few as 2 per hours and they can get lost amid the larger showers unless you know where to find them in the sky. The best bet is to just go outside and enjoy the show!!!
Lions Gate: The Lions Gate is an annual August event that begins around July 26th, peaks on August 8th, and ends around August 12th. For more information about this spiritual event, I have written and article about it and you can read it here, The Lions Gate is Open.

Have a great month! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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