The Week Ahead

Our Week Ahead looks as if we could take things up a notch. I used the Vision Quest Tarot by Gayan S. Winter and Jo Dose`. The cards that came for us are the Ten of Earth with two Major Arcana cards Moon and Life force. Our cards hint that something big is potentially coming for us. I’ll take that!!

In the Tarot, the number ten is what’s known as a bridge number. This means it is both an ending and a beginning. The Ten of Earth speaks to us of a harvest. Whatever we have been focusing our efforts to build will begin bearing fruit. Be grateful for this abundant harvest, no matter its size. It is a beginning we can be excited about, as Life Force encourages.

The Moon card reminds us that all things work in cycles. Just as one season flows into another, so do our lives. The more we resist that flow, the more complicated life becomes. Our card encourages us to open ourselves to our intuitive power. Once we do we will be given the ability to see hidden things more clearly, and gain a better understanding of what our next step in this weeks cycle of change might be.

Then we have Life Force telling us nothing is impossible if we recognize our power and step into it. Get excited about the transformations our Week Ahead are bringing, be thankful for the coming harvest, and by trusting our intuition we can prepare for what is next!

Have a fabulous week ahead! Blessed Be ❀ Sharon

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2 thoughts on “The Week Ahead

  1. Would love a reading when you have time. Just message me with cost & when you’re available! Many thanks. Also. If you want to do reading while we’re in the same location, that’s good for me too. Much love…πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸŒ 

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