Concretions in The Morning Light

Concretions are an interesting group. They are formed in sedimentary material and harden before the material around them. How is that for cool? They are like pearls, in a way, because the various concretions develop around some kind of central object. This object could be organic material like a leaf, a shell or a piece of bone. In the case of a Geode the stone hardens from the outside in around an open cavity allowing crystals to form within the empty space. 

Being a sedimentary material, concretions are a mix of carbonates like calcite, limestone and marble, as well as iron oxides like shale and hematite. The Mohs Scale and chakra associations vary depending on the type of concretion. They can, however, be found all over the world and are generally round or disk shaped. The only exception are Fairy stones.  

There are two types of concretions; Concentric Concretions, which form on layers around the central core. These tend to be rounder than others. Then there are the Pervasive Concretions. These for when sedimentary material fills cracks then harden. This process carries on over and over. In time you have a hardened specimen like Septarian.  

The qualities of concretions can vary by type but as a group they offer grounding, protective and psychic opening characteristics. Click the links below to read more about individual concretion abilities to enhance our lives. 

Fairy Stone:  I thought I had written about this stone, but apparently, I have not so stay tuned! 

Shaman Stone:


Geode: I realize I have not written about this type of crystal formation either! there sill be a post šŸ™‚

Pudding Stone:


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