The Week Ahead

I used the Native Spirit Oracle Cards for our Week Ahead reading. The two cards that came up for us are Eagle Medicine as our main card and Spirit of Earth as our bottom card. The message they have for us is about perspective, strength, overcoming our fears and prosperity.

Spirit of Earth tells us we can move into a place where we are living our best lives. One where we are prospering, happy and fulfilled in all areas of our lives. To get moving in the direction of this vision we must do a couple of things; and this is where the message of our main card speaks to us.

To most Native Americans the Eagle is a sacred bird because it flies higher than any other bird. In doing so it is able to bring messages from the divine back to Earth. When this card comes to a reading it speaks of seeing things from a higher, broader perspective. Opportunities we didn’t think possible for us exist this week. We are perhaps not seeing clearly because we are looking through a lens of belief systems that say “You can’t” or “You aren’t good enough”, Maybe we think the timing isn’t right. Todays cards are saying otherwise.

It is time to face those fears and belief systems that no longer serve who we are and who we are becoming, and overcome them. Today is the final day of the Full Moon Eclipse. The doorway to possibility is still open, welcoming us, encouraging us to believe we are stronger than we know, because we are! That we are more capable than we realise, because we are!

Like the Eagle, soar high enough this week to embrace your true potential and see where it can take you if we let go of the fears holding us back. When we do, we can begin to move into that place of blossoming prosperity!

Have a fabulous week! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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