July A Deeper Look

July is here and with it we begin the second half of our year. Its energy is like a new beginning for us all, as if we are being given a full month of possibilities. Let’s take a look and see what is coming.

July Numerology: The second half of our year begins on a positive note with the Master Number 11/2 leading the way. Eleven is the first of the higher numbers. This number is the doorway to higher consciousness. Its energy is about balance, harmony, illumination, and being open to possibility. Think big this month. Envision your best life!

July Card: The Magician is the card for the month and an excellent companion to our July Numerology. The energy of this card is about new beginnings. It is assertive, independent. This card tells us we have everything we need to manifest into our lives whatever we focus our energy on. Step into your power and make it happen.

July Moon Phases: July’s Full Moon is this weekend on the fourth or fifth depending on where in the world you live is the third in a series of three eclipses. This penumbral eclipse is in Capricorn, and I believe, the last to be had until 2028; I’m not certain on that fact though.  The characteristics of this sign is its disciplined, determined and likes security. Capricorn is also patient and is not afraid to grab a good opportunity when it comes along.
For us, this full moon eclipse could be a turning point. Full moons are times of completion and release, adding an eclipse to it creates an opportunity to release things buried deep within us. What do we have that needs to go? This full moon, eclipse energy can bring hidden things to come to light. If forgotten, painful memories come back this weekend, deal with them and let them go. We may find in their place, things we haven’t seen before like truths we haven’t wanted to accept, or opportunities we might have never considered. The energy is quite intense. Embrace it and let it flow through your life.
This eclipse will be visible for much of the Americas, Western Europe and Africa. Check your local times for best viewing opportunities.
The Dark Moon this month will be on the 20th. I love these days because the slate is wiped clean and we are given the energy for all things new. What is it that you would like to bring more of into your life? Spend time on this day reflecting on how far you’ve come and where you want to go. Set your intentions and start making a plan!

July Retrogrades: Over the course of June we had Venus station direct, but that still leaves us with the North Node and five planets in retrograde. The energy of these combined offer great opportunity to move forward and just as great an opportunity for chaos. Fortunately for the planet Earth, Mercury is preparing to station direct on July 12, making communication and forward movement better for everyone.
The month of July has the asteroid Chiron going retrograde on July 8 and stationing direct five months and four days later on December 12. Chiron is known as the wounded healer, and when retrograde he helps us heal old, buried wounds from this and past lifetimes. As Chiron was a prophet and a healer, all areas of our lives are affected. Physical, emotional, spiritual and mental clearing and healing is ahead for us.
The coming five months could very well be an interesting and painful time, but it is something we all must work through. The planets vibration is rising, as is ours in preparation for ascension when the shift occurs. The best way to deal with these energies is to be aware of them. Watch for synchronicities and triggers. These moments will be showing us what has to be healed. Most important is being willing to do the work, and remember to maintain your boundaries; self-love and self-care is not selfish!!

Meteor Shower: Meteor showers are like pennies from Heaven, full of opportunity. On July 28 we will have the Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower. The moon will be waxing during this time but there should still be some nice meteors to watch. The estimate is up to 20 per hour.

July is shaping up to be a great beginning to the second half of our year. It’s going to be work, but an adventure at the same time!

Have a fabulous month! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon






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