The Angelic Realm

All cultures have stories of angels interacting with humans.  The Angelic Realm was created by the Godhead to serve him and carry out his divine plan. As we are a part of the Godheads plan, some of the angels are here to help us as well. The angelic realm was created before us but they are not like us. Angels are light beings from the seventh dimension and have a much higher vibrational energy than we do. Angels do not have free will in the way that we do and are not driven by emotion or ego in the way we are. Like the Godhead they are pure Love and Light.

The Angelic Realm is divided into three levels, with each having three groups of Angels. Beginning from the highest level, we have the group closest to the Godhead.

Tier One This level of angel has direct contact with the Godhead. They rarely have contact with humans.
Seraphim: When you hear the term Choirs of Angels, this is that choir. The Seraphim sing the Godheads praise and glory. They are said to shine so bright from being in the presence of the divine that we can’t see them. They spread positivity, love and light throughout the universe.
Cherubim: Like the Seraphim, Cherubim are angels of love. This level of angel was directed to guard the Garden in Eden. They are kind of like the Divine record keepers, as they are in charge of the celestial record. They represent the wisdom of the Godhead and make sure his universal laws are kept. Cherubim are said to have four faces. One is the face of man, an Ox, a Lion and an eagle.
Thrones: This level of angels are known as the “many eyed ones” They are the Godheads investigation team. The Angels of Divine Justice. Thrones create, send, collect positive energy. They find us interesting but do not work directly with us.

Tier Two This tier of angels works for the first tier of angels, with the universe as well as the tier of angels closest to us.
Dominions are the Divine Bureaucrats. They are responsible for governing the angelic realms and make sure everything in the universe operates according to Gods plan. Thrones are divine cause and effect.
Virtues: These are the angels responsible for looking after people who desire to do good in the world, the light workers, healers and those who want to make this planet better. They are the level that bring miracles, and make the impossible, possible. Virtues send a huge amount of positive energy into the collective as well as to the earth. They work with and guide the Earth Elementals, Nature Spirits and Faerie Realm. This is a wonderful level of angel to call on if you are a healer.
Powers: This is a fascinating level of angel. The Powers work to communicate with us but don’t interact with us like tier three does. When we intuitively know that something is not right, it is the Powers giving us that message.
They are charged by the Godhead to maintain this reality, to keep this dimension running and appearing real for us all. They are the keepers of our history, they regulate divine justice, the amount of chaos going on at any given time, monitor world religions. The Powers guard the passageways to and from the upper dimensions. They hold the energy of the Godheads plan for this planet. The angels of birth and death exist within this level.
It is said this level of angels are the ones that fight evil, and help people overcome temptation and evil.
When you are in trouble, call on the Powers. They will help you see through the situation to find a solution. They will defend you, your family, your home. They send us messages by any means necessary to try to reach us.

Tier Three of the angelic Realm is the one that deals most directly with us. The angels within this level take on a more human form so they can interact with us unnoticed when needed.
Principalities: These are the angels of places and time. They guard countries, cities, groups and even large multinational organizations. Their job is to influence humans through the circumstances they create to guide us to make good decisions. Where ever people gather in large groups, they are there. They channel positive energy between the Godhead and us.
Archangels: The Archangels are a varied group. They oversee humanity, carrying the Godheads decrees to us. Each of the Archangels has a specific job. I will do a post about each of the Archangels and what they do.
Angels: This group is the closest to us and work very closely with us and the planet. This group of angels gives us our guardians to guide and protect us through our lives.

I hope you enjoyed this introduction to Angels.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon


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