The Weekend Ahead

Are you ready for a change? The Week ahead reading is telling us about seeds are coming into a harvest and choices may need to be made. It may be time to make decisions as our cards Blue Moon and North Node are hinting that it is time to step out.

The North Node, our bottom card, is the karmic area which pushes us to be everything we came to this life to be. It dares us to dream and step out of our comfort zone. Its time to leave the past behind. Past disappointments and failures never define who we are or can become. Our perception does that, and it is time to let that go.

There is one issue we must be aware of, that has to do with timing. Blue Moon tells us there is a rare opportunity coming. This opportunity will challenge us to believe the impossible can happen. To believe in ourselves enough to take a leap of faith. If passed by, we may never have this chance again. Be watchful and believe in possibilities.

Whatever this once in a lifetime chance is, each of us will have to make the decision to leap or not. The only way to discover our potential is to take a chance and dare to dream.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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