Agate Family in The Morning Light

The Agate family of crystals is a cousin of the Chalcedony family, which is a type of Quartz.  Agates are generally easy to identify. They form in multi colored layers in igneous rock cavities These crystals have a lower vibration than other crystals in the larger Quartz family. This isn’t a bad thing though; their energy is very gentle and supportive.  

They can be found in a wide array of layered patterns and colors all over the world, because of this, agates have been in used for thousands of years as jewelry and protective amulet. On the Mohs scale they are a strong seven. The agate family works very well with the lower chakras to help us feel grounded, secure, confident and empowered. 

Some of the qualities this family has to offer are: 

  • They help us slow down and get centered. 
  • They help us connect to Earth energy. 
  • They Stimulate growth. 
  • They help increase our confidence. 
  • They help creative people use their abilities effectively 
  • They make excellent protective talismans. 

Some of the Agates I’ve written about are: 

Fire Agate
Blue Lace Agate
Moss Agate 

I hope you liked this overview of the Agate Family of crystals. 

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon 

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