June: A Deeper Look

June has arrived, we’re half way through the year, and with it comes, warm weather, sunshine, a few thunder storms and long lazy evenings. It’s been a year of world changing events so far. Going forward nothing is going to be the same. That is not necessarily a bad thing, change is good. Speaking of change, let’s take a look at what the month of June has in store.

June Universal Numerology: One Month
May was a Nine Month, a time to release those things that no longer serve our highest good so that this month we have room for new beginnings. Yes, June is a One Month!  In numerology the number one urges us to be courageous and determined to move things forward. Have a vision, make a plan and take a chance this month. A breakthrough may be closer than you think.

June Card for the Month: Four of Cups
When I did my 2020 by the numbers post The Four of Cups came up for June, and it’s a perfect card for this month. When it comes to a reading it indicates opportunities are on their way. We need to stay alert and open to anything that might come along in June. The Four of cups is also a card that asks us to reevaluate our choices. Take the time to carefully consider your dreams and goals. Are they still what you want for your life or have they changed? Don’t reject any opportunities. Think them through before making a choice. The easiest path isn’t always the best path for us. The last thing we want is to move in the wrong direction too late to go back and make changes easily.

June Moon Cycles: Full Moon on June 5. Dark Moon on June 21/22
The moon cycle in June is kind of bitter sweet. They are the last of the spring moons and herald in summers at the same time. Both the full and dark moon this month are different in that they are both eclipses.

An eclipse is not unusual, we have several every year. This year we are having six and that is a bit rare. Eclipses generally come in clusters spread out over a year or two. Like the moon cycle, eclipses are about endings and beginnings.

The Full Moon on the fifth of June, known as the Strawberry Moon, is a penumbral eclipse in Sagittarius. Full moons are a time of release that encourage us to clear out the emotional, and maybe the physical garbage holding us back. An eclipse adds another layer to this already heightened energy.

Sagittarius is the ninth house of the zodiac and rules higher learning. It has a go big or go home energy, so with this full moon eclipse set your goals, step into your power and move any obstacles out of your way!

As we all know a full moon can send our emotions into a tailspin. Well there is a bit of a twist this month and that is our full moon is squaring Mars and opposite Venus. Mars is the God of war and Venus is retrograde until later this month; which means relationships are currently at risk of being an issue.

Mars and Venus together are a powder keg waiting to explode. This combination can create crisis situations on a personal and global level. Strong relationships will likely withstand the strain, but any relationship that is not could very well go really bad very quickly. Things could get hostile and result in battles. For the planet we could have an earthquake or two around this time.

Our best bet is to think before we speak or act. If we focus on the cause of issues and remember how we feel about the people in our lives we are more likely to take the time to work through any problems rather than let them get out of hand. Kindness, compassion and an open heart will go a long way to help.

The Dark Moon in the sign of Cancer will be on June 21/22. In addition to the Solar Annular Eclipse it is also coming in on the tail of the Summer Solstice, amplifying the energy of new beginnings. The energy of the solstice is like a rebirth. The spring equinox brings in the Mother energy, the Summer solstice brings back the Father energy. That strong male energy is like a portal encouraging us to change old thought patterns, to let go of old habits leading to a whole new beginning. Set your intentions at this Dark Moon, create a crystal grid, have a ritual bonfire, anything that allows you to take hold of your personal power and move yourself forward.

June Retrogrades:
I thought that as we are half way through the year I would give a quick recap of the planets currently retrograde. Right now, there aren’t many but what is, packs a punch!

Keep in mind, planets go retrograde all the time. Some more than others, but these reverse motion periods should not be feared. The energy of these periods has a global and personal effect. For us, times of retrograde are an opportunity to go within and clear out old thoughts, beliefs and habits keeping us from becoming our best selves. If we are willing to be honest with ourselves and do the hard, sometimes very emotional work, we can see great benefit from the time spent.

January had the North Node. The North and South Node are karmic. The north being what we are meant to be in this lifetime and the south what we were in previous lives. With the North Node being retrograde we need to focus on what we came to this lifetime to be, do and learn. This can mean stepping out of our comfort zone, but that is a good thing because nothing grows there anyway.

February gave us the first Mercury retrograde of the year.

In April Pluto went retrograde on April 25 and will not station direct until October fourth. When Pluto retrogrades, dramatic changes can and do happen on a personal and global level. This is a time of purification which bring hidden things to the surface to be dealt with. Are we ready for the truth?!

May gave us three more planets moving retrograde. They were Saturn, Venus and Jupiter. These three can bring great leaps forward, but they can also bring great big problems.

Saturn went retrograde on May 11 and will station direct September 29. It is the planet of rules and order. When retrograde those rules are opened up giving us the space to move forward. This is also a light shining on social issues that need changing. This sort of change never happens easily. So, there could be some sad events beaming a bright light on long standing issues.

Venus went retrograde on May 13 and stations direct June 25. During this time our focus will be on relationships as they may be a bit uneasy. It is not uncommon to have past loves show up out of nowhere. Keep in mind they are an ex for a reason. Beginning a relationship during a Venus retrograde is not a good idea either because it is not likely to last. In addition to love, Venus rules finances and our values. With our emotions potentially out of whack it isn’t the time to consider big financial spending. Globally we could be on the cusp of a massive financial reset. Financially we could be facing s worldwide depression, or at least a very deep recession. So, be careful how you use your resources through this period. Even when it is over recovery time is going to be llong. This tells us we must focus on what we most value. Consider what we need not necessarily what we want, and put our energy there.

Jupiter was the last planet in May to go retrograde and that began on My 14 and will station direct on September 13. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and spirituality. When retrograde our focus is on our belief systems and how they may need an adjustment.

With these three together growth potential is a big possibility, but that growth might be hard fought. Saturn will put eyes on what needs to change, but Venus might confuse those issues. Jupiter will try to help us figure out a long-term plan for change, but how will that play out? We’ll have to wait and see.

Adding to this mix we have Mercury and Neptune going retrograde in June.

Mercury will be the first to head backward on June 18 and will station direct July 12. We all know that a Mercury is the planet of communication and during its backward travel’s all things communication can be a mess. This time around the retrograde is in Cancer, meaning our focus will be on self-talk. How do we speak to ourselves?

Neptune is going retrograde in Pisces on June 23 and stations direct on July 12. Neptune is the planet of dreams and illusion. When retrograde we have a lot of potential to clear away anything that is holding us back. To do that we have to be completely honest with ourselves and break through illusions we may be clinging to.

Additional interesting Things
A couple other things going on in June is on the 27th Mars will move into Aries where it will stay through most of the rest of year. This pairing of high energy fire will give us the push to think about our gals and dreams, but not just think about them, get them moving forward.  this can be a very aggressive pairing. So, be careful how you treat people.

On June 29th Jupiter will align with retrograde Pluto. This can be a bit of a double edge sword as it will put a spotlight on finances both globally and personally. It will be a good idea to check the budget and how we are handling our money. It will also be a great opportunity for tuning into the abundance mindset. Think before you leap, but don’t let a good opportunity pass you by.

We have quite a lot of potential for growth and change in the month ahead of us. This year is a turning point. Much can be accomplished personally and globally but we have to be willing to do the work. It won’t be easy, but it is absolutely worth it.

Have a great Month!

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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