The Obsidian Family in The Morning Light

The Obsidian group of minerals is unique in that it is a natural glass formed from volcanic activity. Because it is a natural glass it can be found wherever there is an active volcano. It is a fragile material but has a Mohs scale of hardness of 5.5. Making it workable. Stone age pieces of cutting tools and arrowheads have been found made from obsidian.

The colors which this mineral is found in varies depending on the minerals in the lava flow. Generally they are dark such as Black, brown, and green. The more rare colors are red, yellow and rainbow.

Obsidian works well with the Root and Earth Chakras. It has a very protective energy. Some of the other qualities of this group are:

  • Clearing your aura of psychic debris.
  • Helps heal karmic issues.
  • Grounding.
  • It creates a psychic shield around you to protect against negative energy.
  • Make a wonderful pendulum.
  • Helps break negative attachments.

As with all crystal and mineral families each color within the group carries these energies as well as their own specific to their makeup. Below you will find links to previous articles I’ve written about members of this mineral family.

Have a wonderful day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

2 thoughts on “The Obsidian Family in The Morning Light

  1. Thankyou for Sharing this with us.I have a Stone made of this ,I was also given a Apache tear by an ex but when we divorced I gave it to one of my daughters. Would Love to have more of these stones .Michelle Prieto

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