The Week Ahead

Our Week Ahead shows a possibility of breaking through some kind of road block. Getting there is probably not going to be without pain though. I use the Vision Quest Tarot by Gayan S. Winter and Jo Dose` for our Week Ahead Tarot reading, and the Nine of Air, Four of Fire and Six of Earth came up for the collective. that’s us 🙂

The Nine of Air tells us we need to take some time and check ourselves. This card usually comes as a warning that we could be moving in a negative direction. Could we be responding to negative self talk? Are we angry at someone in particular or at a situation that is not going the way we had wanted it to?

Whatever the situation is, is likely to bring and ending to something. The Four of Fire tells us a change is coming because of a completion. A relationship, a job, or perhaps an idea we were holding tightly to. The ending will not be an easy one. Even if it is long overdue, what ending is? The best thing we can do is let the process of letting go flow. Experience it, feel the pain and let it go.

When we do let go of what has been a roadblock for us, there will be space for the new to come in. A new idea, a new opportunity, a new start! It will be absolutely necessary to be very discerning about what we choose to begin. Be completely honest and ask what our true priorities are. Consider all the options, then make a decision as to where energies need to be focused.

A new beginning is always welcome, but it should lead us where we want to end up too.

Have a fabulous week! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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