Fluorite Family in The Morning Light

The Fluorite Family of crystals is similar to the Feldspar clan in that they are both silicates. Where Feldspar is an aluminum silicate, the Fluorite Family is a Halide silicate with a calcium fluoride base.

Natural Fluorite is clear, but other colors this family can be found in are yellow, green, blue, pink, purple, black and Rainbow. The intensity of color depends on the amount of mineral inclusions in the crystals as they are forming. The rarest colors are clear, yellow and black. I personally have never seen these three colors, but I would love to!

Some of the countries Fluorite is found are South Africa, China, Mexico, Spain and Namibia, to name a few. This family of crystals can be clear or opaque and has a hardness of 4 on the Mohs scale; making it workable for personal use as well as industrially.

The history of this crystal traces back to Pliny the elder. He wrote about Fluorite in book 37 of his Natural History series. Georgius Agricola also discussed its use in the iron smelting process in his book written in 1530.

As a family of crystals, the energy is very protective, grounding and brings clarity, focus and increases concentration. Putting a piece where you work or study does wonders in helping you focus, process information and just plain, get things done. I’ve read that it’s known as the genius stone because it helps lift us to higher states achievement. Fluorite links our mind to the universal consciousness and increases psychic ability. That is certainly an awesome thing as far as I am concerned.

It also:

  • Absorbs negative energy from the environment.
  • Clears the Chakras and the aura.
  • Acts as a shield against psychic attack
  • Should be cleared often

Fluorite is similar to other crystal and mineral families in that the individual colors hold the group energy but also have their own qualities. Rainbow Fluorite is unique in this group in that it contains two or more colors, making the crystal even more magickal!! Overall it cleanses the aura, activates and energizes the Chakras and increases intuitive ability. Because there is more than one color it helps build a connection to the universal consciousness.

A brief explanation of some of the qualities of the other fluorite colors is below. Keep in mind that the colors can fluctuate a bit depending on the amount of minerals in the mix. For example, Purple Fluorite may sometimes have a pink look to it, and yellow can flow into orange.

Clear: Works with the Crown Chakra to bring us clarity and insight. It cleanses the aura and helps us see what is holding us back, then find a way to break through the block. It also enhances the energy of other crystals.

Yellow: Works with the Solar Plexus Chakra. This color brings unity, creativity, increases understanding and it helps bring our mind and personal will together.

Green: Works with the Heart Chakra. It clears negativity, and helps release old emotional issues, thought patterns and it clears and purifies the Heart Chakra.

Blue: Works with the 3rd Eye and Throat Chakra. It helps communication between our spirit and physical selves to bring us to a place of spiritual awakening. It helps us find our divine purpose and helps us think rationally.

Purple: Works with the 3rd Eye Chakra. It is calming, helps amplify our psychic ability, think clearly and find our spiritual purpose.

Black: Works with all Chakras. It works to clear negativity from the auras and astral bodies. It also is known to reduce or eliminate nightmares.

I hope you have enjoyed this look at the Fluorite Family.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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