Humans have always wanted to understand the unknown. To that end we seek ways to interpret those thins. One way is through Divination, an ancient practice of seeking knowledge through the use of a tool. This practice can be done in many ways. For example psychic ability could be thought of as a type of divination, as is the Tarot, Tea Leaves, using a Crystal Ball, Runes, a flame, water or mirror gazing. Divining rods are known to be used to find water and precious metals. Even nature, if you know how to read the signs, can be used as a form of divination.

I want to discuss Pendulum Divination today. Have you ever used one? For some this is a very useful spiritual tool for gaining clarity and healing. For others, like all divination, they are a mystery. Did you know pendulum use has a long history, going back thousands of years? The use of divination tools are mentioned in the Bible. Pendulum use is recorded in Ancient China and Egypt. Even Queen Elisabeth in the 16th century used them to find the precious metals that would turn a small kingdom into a world power.

So what is a Pendulum and how does it work?

The pendulum itself is pretty basic. It is a weight of some kind suspended from a string or a chain. They can be as simple as my Grandmothers wedding ring tied to a string to divine the sex of her unborn children, to very ornate costing a great deal of money.


I made the four pictured at the head of this post with crystals. I find adding the energy of crystals enhances the process of tapping in and connecting to our subtle energy. And, that is what divination is. Tapping in to the power that has always been there for us to access. Over the course of time we as a species have forgotten that we are connected to everything. We were designed to work in union with the planet. Divination teaches us to reconnect to the power and knowledge we have forgotten.

Like any skill there is a learning curve and process to be observed, but it isn’t a steep curve. A five minute lesson can get anyone started.

Have a lovely day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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