Checking In

I read a post by Spiritual Journey 17 a bit ago called How are You Holding Up? If you’ve never read her before I invite you to follow the link and check her blog out. I enjoy her posts and believe you will as well.

Honestly, for me personally, I work from home so my life hasn’t seen much change to my routine since this all began. I do recognize the tremendous gift behind this global situation. And it is a gift! To be given the opportunity to slow down and check our priorities, to remember the dreams we set aside because life got in the way; to have the time to consider making changes and plan for the time when things go back to whatever the new normal is going to be, is a fantastic opportunity for us all that we simply can’t allow to slip away.

Realistically, the world is changing, life is never going to be what it used to be. It can’t be, this planet is depending on us all to make the changes necessary to grow our vibration and become better versions of ourselves.

I know there are people struggling with confinement, please know that you are not alone. Help is literally a video chat away. Granted that is not the same as a hug from someone you love, but for now it has to do. This isn’t going to last and it is a wonderful time to go within and ask why. Why is this confinement bothering me? What am I afraid of? What part of me needs to heal? What needs to be released? Don’t be afraid of doing the work. It may not be easy but it will be worth it.

There are a lot of questions wrapped up in this global event. Much of what is going on just doesn’t make sense. With very little real, believable information available there is a lot of fear, panic and frustration everywhere. But if we, as a human family can come together to create planet wide love and cooperation, we can defeat the fear to come out of this a better, wiser, more loving species that we were going in. And that is something we can achieve!

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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