The Week Ahead

As we begin the first week of May our emotions might be running high as we are coming into a full moon in Scorpio. We could be struggling for answers to a situation we are dealing with, causing us to be angry or frustrated.

I used the Moonology Oracle cards by Yasmin Boland for our Week Ahead Tarot Reading. The cards, Full Moon in Gemini and Third Quarter Moon came up for us. A full moon in Scorpio together with our card, Full Moon in Gemini could be a recipe for even more confusion. Scorpio, a water sign, is resourceful, determined and can be quite disagreeable. Gemini on the other hand, is an air sign and can be very changeable.

Our bottom card, the Third Quarter Moon, tells us that if any kind of progress is going to be made, we must accept that changes have to be made. Perhaps to our plans, our beliefs, or our idea of what the outcome must look like. This means letting go of any negativity and asking ourselves, what do we want and what needs to change to get us there?

Getting back to Full Moon in Gemini, the best way to find our answers this week is through communication. Have the conversations necessary. Speak your truth in a kind, loving way and allow others to speak theirs. Honest, open communication will give the clarity needed to do what needs to be done to get things moving.

Good things are coming, but we have to trust the process and be willing to grow and change to get there.

Have a wonderful Week Ahead   Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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