The Week Ahead

I had two cards, both Cups, jump from the deck as I shuffled for today’s Week Ahead Tarot Draw. Our cards tell us we can have Justice this week in an issue we are dealing with but it will not be something we can achieve on our own. It will take thought and planning to get there. The Two of Cups and Page of Pentacles are telling us we need to work together and come to some kind of meeting of the minds about what justice looks like for us. What needs to happen? The how it can happen comes from our jump cards, the Four and Seven of Cups. They tell us there are several ways we can achieve our goal. The Seven of Cups tells us to brainstorm and examine all the ways possible; and the Four tells us to give each careful thought and consideration. What are the positive and potential negatives of each option. Then hold those that fit our idea up against what Justice Served looks like. Choose the best option and do the work!

Have a wonderful Week! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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