Saturday Morning

Recently, on an ordinary Saturday I had an extraordinary experience. It began like any other. I woke early to do my live stream then got busy with my list for that day.  Around 8 am I took a break to spend some time talking with my son, after which I went back to my office. This is when everything changed.

I spent the next six hours lost in a moment. The best way I can explain is to say I unexpectedly dropped into a meditative state different from anything I’ve experience before or since. Physically I felt pulled out of my body and completely one with the universe. I didn’t travel anywhere outside my office. The idea didn’t occur to me. Everything appeared crystal clear, colors were more vivid. I remember at one point looking down at my hands to see them melt into the air as if I was disappearing.

I felt as if I was sliding from one reality into another. Each looked like my office but slightly different and I remembered conversations with family and friends that I haven’t had. I questioned what was real. Was anything real? It was confusing but very interesting at the same time. Even now I can feel the pull to go back to where ever I was.

Since I was sitting at my desk during this experience, I thought I should try to document it. Six hours later the following is what I’d written.

At any given moment the universe can become aware of itself in motion. That moment becomes something in and of itself, special. In the milliseconds of time outside the flow of normal time and space it became yours because you were aware of it. Yet every other version of you also became aware of that, one, moment in time. In the ocean of moments that flow together to create reality, that one, is yours. Inside that moment a universe exists. Within it are lifetimes waiting to be played out. Realities to be lived, and experienced one moment a time. An entire universe in one random moment. 

 A Saturday morning like any other in an ocean of moments.   

Have you ever been lost in a moment? Tell me about it.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon




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