The Weekend Ahead

Why do we hang onto things we know we should let go of? Our Weekend Ahead Reading was done using the Vision quest deck by Gayan S. Winter and Jo Dose`, and the cards are telling us it might be painful but it is time to let something go. I did a three card version of my Know, Do, Grow spread asking what we needed to know about the weekends energy. As you see the final card came up as a pair.

The first card in this spread asks what we need to know. Four of Fire came up to answer the question. The message it gives is about transition. Something big or important is coming to a close for us, whether we want to accept it or not. Sometimes things end and as difficult as this may be, we need to let it go and begin the healing process.

The second card in this spread asks what we need to do. Our answer is in the Nine of Air, and asks us why we are hanging onto something that really needs to go. Chances are we are completely aware that whatever the situation is, it’s long over. Are we trying to avoid an uncomfortable conversation? Are we feeling like we did something wrong, or are we hoping for a turn around and things will go “back to normal?”

Our final card in this level of the spread asks how will taking action from the first two cards help us? As I mentioned earlier, two cards came up together as the answer. These are the Major Arcana card Transformation and the Two of Earth. As a pair they tell us that this change is long overdue. Letting go of this situation may not be easy for us, but by doing it we are opening ourselves up for a new beginning that has been trying to find a way in. When it comes it will be like a rebirth. We will find ourselves in a place that is more balanced and ready to move forward.

Don’t fight the process of change, it’s time, and we’re all worth it!

Have a beautiful weekend! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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