Aprils Dark Moon

The Dark Moon is a time for new beginnings. The perfect time to take a look at our lives and see where changes need to be made, then set our goals to making those changes happen. It’s not always as easy as setting a goal though. Change takes determination, commitment and if the stars are aligned in your favor, that helps too! This month could go well, or not, depending on how Uranus and Saturn treat us.

April 21st brings us into Taurus from the fiery sign of Aries, right at the beginning of the Dark Moon cycle. After all the heat and passion of Aries, Taurus just wants to settle in on the 22nd and 23rd and enjoy life. Let’s face it, the world went a bit sideways in the last few weeks hasn’t it? The up side of the craziness is that we have been given a wonderful opportunity to take a step back and find some balance in our lives. To reevaluate our priorities and adjust our goals. We need this new beginning.

Taurus is the earthiest of the earth signs. It is very connected to nature. It rules our values, money and resources. Being ruled by Venus, Taurus has a great love for all things beautiful, comfortable and tasty. It just likes a nice quiet life and is not necessarily a big fan of change.

Enter Uranus!

Uranus entered the sign of Taurus last year, shortly after stationing direct from a period in retrograde. It will remain in Taurus through 2026 and it is the exact opposite of Taurus. It is not at all about settling in, it is the planet of change, innovation, freedom and breakthroughs. You can see where this might be an issue. With such a personality clash, Taurus and Uranus don’t always make good partners.

This combination can bring sudden and unexpected changes. Not always a bad thing though. Uranus can encourage us at this Dark Moon to take a good look at where we are compared to where we want to be and push us to step out of our comfort zones.
If working well, this team up can give us new and creative ways to follow our dreams, better ways to do what we love and perhaps make more money doing it. Dream, plan then step out and get to it! It can give people a greater love and respect for our planet. It could also improve communication. Goodness knows humanity could use a dose of that!

For all the good this team, Taurus and Uranus, can bring the opposite is also true. Real change is never easy. It can be hard and painful. Consider how hard it is to for us commit to taking better care of our health. We know we need to do it. We promise ourselves but often don’t deliver on that well-intentioned promise.

On a personal and global scale there could be some real issues in the next few years. Planetary growing pains! As Uranus is about change and Taurus rules money, we could be looking at a huge financial shift. It may be for the good but chances are not right away. Look at what the last few weeks has done to the world economy. Be very careful with your money. The idea of downsizing is a very good thought. Reconsider priorities, and ask whether something is a need or a want. This can be a real grey area for many.

And Then Came Saturn!

Now complicated as this pairing might be, Saturn is also in the picture, squaring Uranus and Taurus for the Dark Moon. Saturn is the planet of order and structure. If there is a rule or a process Saturn is all about following it. It’s really a bit of a stick in the mud, a party pooper. Yes, rules and order are a good thing, but in this mix, Saturn is going to make any changes we want harder to make happen. It won’t be impossible but it will be difficult. See, a stick in the mud. Our determination and commitment will need to be very focused.

April brings life back after a long winter. It is always so wonderful to see flowers blooming and trees coming back to life. It is a month for new beginnings. With the Dark Moon this month we have the opportunity to make some headway toward our own new beginning if we can make Uranus and Taurus work well together.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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