The Week Ahead

This Week Ahead Tarot reading was done using the beautiful Spirit of the Animals Oracle deck by Jody Bergsma. The cards that came up for us are Horse and Goose. The message they have for us this week, something is opening up, giving us the opportunity to break out of stagnant patterns and move forward. What a wonderful thing to look forward to! Life has felt very limited lately. To be able to move forward on any level lifts spirits

From a spiritual perspective, Horse is about freedom, power, energy and accomplishment. there is also a possibility of travel! He is telling us to be open to new paths and opportunities. A fresh, exciting idea may possibly come in an unconventional way so keep your eyes and mind open. Being open to something new is the only way we will see it.

Geese are very much about navigating our path, being brave and listening to our intuition. They are loyal birds, always supportive of friends and family. This tells us we have a strong support system to lean on. Goose encourages us to be brave, forge ahead confidently and not be distracted from our goal.

Take advantage of the opportunities this week has to offer and have a fabulous week!

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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