Nothing But Time

How is everyone handling this down time? I hope you are all staying safe. I know being at home can be a struggle for some. Worries can creep in about how we are going to keep our bills paid without a steady income or savings to fall back on if this carries on too long, worries for family and friends can overwhelm, and some might even be bored out of our minds.

Keeping ourselves mentally and physically busy will help.

It is a great time to embrace a new skill, try a new hobby, take an online course, or dive into the list of things we’ve always said we’d like to do if we had time.

Spend some time outside taking walks and working in the garden. Soaking up vitamin D, is great for the immune system!

I’ve been keeping busy making pendulums to sell, building my Tarot and Numerology business and developing an online class.

The thing is, with all the craziness going on in the world right now, this down time is giving us all an amazing opportunity to re-evaluate our priorities. As I was putting together this article for posting, I decided to do a quick tarot spread asking what this isolation time is teaching us.

I wasn’t surprised that all three cards that came up were Swords. Being isolated can be a huge mental and emotional strain. What the cards tell us that we are all prisoners of our own design. We are bound by our belief systems, our self-talk, our dreams, desires and in numerous other ways. What this time of isolation offers is time to rest, regroup and consider what is and is not important to us; then we must decide what changes that may be necessary going forward after things start opening up again.

Because let’s be real, things need to change and after this is all said and done the world is not going to be the same ever again and neither are we. And, that isn’t a bad thing, is it?

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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