April: A Deeper Look

For those who are familiar with my yearly Numerology post. I decided to take them a step further and do a monthly break down allowing for a more in-depth look. Welcome to the month of April! It will be April 2nd when this article is published, and all I can say is buckle up because there is a LOT of very interesting things going on energetically and in the sky. So, let’s begin.

The number eight is very significant for us this month. The full moon falls on April 8th; universally this is an eight month and the tarot card that came up is the Eight of Wands. In the tarot and numerology, the meaning varies slightly… but overall, the number eight is a about finding balance between the spiritual and physical aspects of our lives. It is about infinite supply, structure, and growth. To have three eights come up for us is no accident. Balance is going to be very important this month. If we can keep ourselves in check there will be great opportunity for both areas of our lives. In the tarot the suit of wands is about growth, movement, and passion. The Eight of Wands tells us that things are moving forward. Great news!

Planets in Retrograde

There is only one planet going retrograde this month, Pluto, but it is going to pack a punch. It will go retrograde on the 25th and station direct on October 4th. These five months can be a life changing period for us all. Pluto can be an unpredictable planet. When it retrogrades, dramatic change is quite likely to happen personally and globally. This is because Pluto loves revealing hidden things; We are forced to look within and deal with those things. Globally there is great potential for hidden things to be revealed which may cause a lot of upheaval. Secrets have a way of coming out.

Pluto also deals with the use power. We will find ourselves dealing with how we react to and use our power. Are we feeling controlled? How are we going to deal with it? Are we being too controlling of others? We’ll have to fix that if we want to clear that energy and move forward. Don’t be surprised to see governments expanding their use of power.

During these months Jupiter, the planet of expansion, will conjunct Pluto. This has the potential to be concerning. I mentioned that balance is going to be crucial this month and this conjunction is a reason. Jupiter is the planet of expansion. It will increase our focus and drive to move forward. There is a great opportunity for transformation in the spiritual realm as well as in our physical lives. But that will only happen if we keep our heads. If we are in fear, doubt or denial; those emotions will grow.

Mercury is also playing a role in this retrograde and conjunction. This planet controls the lungs, so expect an increase of illness associated with the virus. Expect governments to take more of our freedoms in order to deal with it and expect an increase in worldwide fear this month but don’t get caught up in it. Stay safe and use common sense and do what you can to stay balanced. If you can, this will be a month of purification and growth.

Full Moon Cycle

I mentioned the full moon earlier. It is being called a Full Pink Moon but it won’t actually be pink. It’s simply a reference to the flower Phlox that begins to bloom in April. The moon will be full on the eighth and dark on the 23rd and 24th. This month will be the third of four Super Moons in a row. In addition, this month the moon will be the biggest and brightest of the group.

The full moon is always an emotional time and a Super Moon intensifies the effect. It is a time to release what isn’t serving our highest good. Use this energy to begin letting go of thoughts and belief systems that no longer serve who you are or who you are becoming. Be brave, look within and begin the process of transformation ahead of Pluto going retrograde.

Venus and the Pleiades

Every year Venus passes close to the Pleiades for a little girl time. But every eight years (Yup, another eight!) she goes even closer. This conjunction will be at its closest on Friday, April 3rd, but if it’s clear where you live between today and Friday, head outside after sunset and look to the west. That bright planet is Venus visiting Pleiades, the Seven Sisters. This grouping is a time of spiritual healing, love, and karmic release for us all.

The Comet Atlas

I thought it appropriate that the next things to discuss is the Comet Atlas. In mythology he is the Father of the Seven Sisters, Pleiades! Atlas is a planet near the Pleiades but also a comet discovered in December of last year. It has been working its way close to earth and beginning later this month, April 29th is will begin its fly by the planet Earth, with its closest point happening May 23rd. The comet is estimated to be a mile wide and 2.5 times as tall. Don’t worry though there is no danger of it crashing into us. We should be able to see the comet pass without use of binoculars or a telescope. Which is pretty exciting! It’s said the comet will be very bright and have a green color. It should be an amazing sight to see, let’s hope it’s clear skies!

For some, a comet passing means something bad is going to happen before the end of the year. If you look back into history, a comet preceded Cesar’s murder in the Senate, a comet preceded Mt. Vesuvius exploding and when Hale Bopp passed in the late 90’s Lady Diana and Mother Teresa died. While I believe there is no such thing as coincidence, we’ll have to wait and see what happens here.

Meteor Showers

There are several meteor showers every year. Many go by unnoticed but there are a few that are strong enough to be seen. They are named for the area of the night sky they radiate from. Ancient cultures believed a meteor shower was a blessing. God giving gifts or bringing information to the Earth.

The month of April has two, the Lyrid and the Eta Aquids. The Lyrids are a well-known shower and can be seen from April 16th to the 30th with its peak viewing time being the 21st and 22nd. The Eta Aquids aren’t quite as known as the Lyrids but they will be active from April 19th to May 28th. The peak viewing time is May 4th and 5th.

Weather and moonlight permitting these two have between 15 and 20 meteors an hour. For most meteor showers the best viewing time is usually after midnight and around dawn. Check your local area for best viewing times. Grab a blanket and head out to enjoy the show.

That wraps up a deeper look at April. There is a lot of potential for change, but it’s not to be feared. Things must end in order for anything new to come in. Growth comes only by a willingness to let go and move into unknown territory. Is it scary, Absolutely! Is it worth the risk, Absolutely!!

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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