The Week Ahead

I enjoy doing the Week Ahead Tarot reading. It’s always interesting to see what the cards have for us. This week I am using the Vision Quest deck by Gayan S. Winter and Jo Dose`. Our message for the week is pretty timely considering what is going on in the world right now. The underlying energy for the week is from the Major Arcana, the Hermit. Accompanying the Hermit is Balance, another Major Arcana card and the Daughter of Fire.

Both Major Arcana cards are suggesting we take a step back. With many schools and businesses shut down right now, that isn’t difficult to do. The trick will be to use the time well to focus on our inner journey. We can examine our priorities. Are we still on our path? Are there any changes we could be making? Maybe what we need is a good rest. We all have things we say we would love to do “If we had the time”. Like it or not many of us do now have time! Our final card, Daughter of Fire tells us to trust the process. If we tune into our intuition, we will be able to see the next steps clearly.

Have a wonderful and safe week!  Blessed Be ❤ Sharon
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