Rest in Me

Life can certainly be interesting. One day a week or so ago the weather was warm and lovely, you know, one of those first hint of spring days. It was so nice I decided to go for a walk. Being out in the sun after a long winter felt wonderful. As I walked, I was talking to Papa about things on my mind. One issue in particular that I have been obsessing about, instead of turning it over to him to take care of for me. Just after I mentioned this particular thing, I came to a corner, and went around it I saw this Dove feather (above) sitting on a tiny pile of snow. I picked it up and heard a voice speak to me saying…

Rest In Me

What comfort I got from that statement. Birds are messengers, and the Dove is a symbol of peace and renewal. We forget we’re not on this journey through life alone. We think we have to figure everything out by ourselves. That voice telling me to Rest, was saying, I got you. Everything is going to be alright.

The next day I was sitting here at my desk working and noticed what I thought was an animal scurrying across the street. I stopped and watched it come down the street, straight up the neighbor’s drive, make a purposeful right turn, then stopped in front of my house. It was then I saw it wasn’t an animal at all. It was a Hydrangea flower. Of course, I went out to take a picture of it.

I wasn’t sure what the meaning of this flower was. I had no idea what the Hydrangea meant, it resonated with me once I found out. The Hydrangea represents perseverance, grace and abundance, among other things.

I came back into my office and looked back at it to see it roll closer to the house and turn onto its side and show me it was shaped like a heart! How cool is that? Again, I had to take a picture. This time I brought the bloom into the house and it is part of my alter now.

For most, something like these two things happening like this may seem random, a complete coincidence. But there is no such thing as coincidence. For this bloom to reach my house it had to travel. The closest Hydrangea bush to my house is a good quarter mile away from the direction I saw it traveling, and it wasn’t a really windy day. Yet it found its way to me when I needed it. Finding feathers is not a real common thing.

Remember everything means something. The trick is to be open to the conversation. To receive a message of rest and perseverance exactly when I needed it most was wonderful. I don’t believe in conventional religion, but I do believe that there is a God out there who is bigger and more powerful than any of my problems. And, I believe he/she is always speaking messages of faith to us. Even through a feather and a Hydrangea blossom. Yes, everything is going to be wonderful!

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon


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