The Week Ahead

Our Week Ahead begins with a Full Moon, and not just that, we are going to enjoy a Super Moon in Virgo. We know that a full moon has an interesting way of ramping things up and making things a little crazy, but this being a super moon will add an emotional element to our week. So, be prepared. I pulled four cards, and they have two encouraging messages for us. Lets take a look and see what we can expect this week.

The bottom card, and energy bringing us through the week is from the Waxing Crescent Moon. It tells us to have faith in our dreams. We may be feeling discouraged because it seems like no matter what we do, nothing is happening. The feeling of trying hard and getting nowhere can be very defeating to the point that we feel like giving up.

Opposite the crescent moon is the Full Moon in Virgo, and she is here to tell us we are good enough! Never stop believing in the dream. Making it a reality can be a challenge, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. The message Virgo has, is to stop second guessing ourselves. There is a way to achieve the life we seek. Virgo is all about the details. She is here to tell us perhaps it is time to pay more attention to them. Is it time to clear out what is not working so there is room to bring in the new? Does our plan need some attention? Take a second look at what hasn’t worked and learn from it. Look at things from a different perspective. Remember it is never too late to make changes and try again. We may very well be closer to our goals than we think!

The cross cards that came up for us are the Void of Course Moon and Full Moon in Cancer. At first glance we may ask what these two cards have to contribute to our first two. The cards we need always come to us whether we fully understand their message right away or not. What these two have to tell us is a personal issue is going to be resolved, but perhaps not in a way we might expect or want. It could be time for a little shake up.

The Full Moon in Cancer is here to let us know a challenge we have been dealing with, something we have been worrying about, is coming to an end. Remember that Cancer is an emotional sign and we are in a Super Moon phase this week so be kind, be sensitive and move through the process carefully. No matter what we are dealing with individually, burning bridges unnecessarily may not be the answer. If, on the other hand, a bridge needs to burn, have at it. Set your boundaries.

Our final card for the Week Ahead is Void of Course Moon. The message of this card is, nothing is going to come of it. That can be a pretty in your face statement. It can be a good thing or a bad thing. For us, this week, we know it is a good thing. The Cancer Moon tells us an issue is going to be resolved, and our first two cards are telling us we can get where we want to go. So what is this card telling us?

It is pointing us back to the Virgo Moon and telling us to to check the details. If nothing is going to come of what we are worried about, then awesome. But, that tells us there is away through, we just have to relax and let ourselves see it and believe. We can do it!

Have a fabulous week ahead!  Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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