A Closer Look at March

Some of you may know I do a post every year which takes a look at the numerology of the new year coming in. I expanded that post this year and included the moon phases and other things of interest for each month. If you missed that post you can read it here. I have been thinking that it might be advantageous to go back and take a deeper look at each month to see what they have to offer us as we move through this amazing year of unlimited potential. We want to take the fullest of every opportunity we can to move forward on our life journeys. Granted we are nine days into march, but it’s not too late yet. There are five exciting things happening this month, beginning today, so let’s take a look at how the month of march is going to flow. 

When looking at the numerology of the month we see March is a seven energy. This number is a desire for insight and wisdom. Yes, we are just a matter of weeks into the new year. We might feel like we need to hit the ground running, but chances are many of us are looking for that next step to take; preferably in the right direction, or for the perfect moment to take it. At this point waiting, watching how things go is not a bad idea. By the end of the month we might have more clarity about what we need to do, when we need to make a move and how we can most effectively do it.  

The insight we could be looking for could spark today. As the full moon is cycling it can help illuminate some of the answers we could be seeking. It’s not just any full moon. It’s a Full Super Moon in Virgo, the sign of details. If you saw my Week Ahead Tarot draw this morning you saw I mentioned this event briefly. Super moons can be full or dark and happen when the moon is at its closest point to the earth. Being closer to the earth is going to intensify the effect a full moon has. So, brace yourself.      

As I said Virgo is the sign of details. This month is a great time to check them, gather them and clear out the ones that no longer serve our highest good. When we do, we could find that we are closer to our goal than we believed.  

The second exciting thing this month is Mercury coming direct, and that will be tomorrow, March 10. Most people don’t view Mercury being retrograde as a gift, but the weeks of down time really do give us the opportunity to check in and see how things are going. To find where we can make changes and then do it. With communications opening back up a big part of our ability to get things done will be set free. At least until the next retrograde in June, when we will have our next break! 

The third exciting thing this month is the Vernal Equinox. I know many people who follow a Christian faith system don’t pay much attention to this day, but there is much to consider. The Vernal Equinox is the astrological new year and the day the cycle of life begins anew. With the sun moving into Aries, the sign of fire, passion and action, things could begin to heat up. These next few days are a perfect chance to make our plans, gather what we need and get ready to make our move. 

The fourth exciting thing to happen in March is pretty big, and probably the most exciting of all. That event happens on the 23rd, and is Saturn moving into Aquarius, an air sign, and what a combination this is going to be for us. Saturn can be quite hard. It is the ruling planet of structure but this combination will help us trim away what isn’t helping us move forward. We will be able to take a good honest look at our goals, what motivates us and drives our creativity. Jupiter is about expansion and also currently in Aquarius. This is a very positive grouping. Expect big things to happen globally and personally this year! 

The fifth and final exciting is the Dark Moon in Aries on March 24th. The Dark Moon is always about new beginnings, and Aries is the sign of passion and fire! Use this month to shake off the winter doldrums, clear out what no longer serves and get ready to take a leap forward. This year is absolutely pure potential. We may be three months into the year but this is the stepping off point. Believe in yourself and your dreams, you can make them happen!! 


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