The Weekend Ahead

Everyone who reads Tarot eventually owns several decks, but has favorites which means there are decks that aren’t used as often. I am on a mission to use all my decks more, so to that end I did our Weekend Ahead draw with the Fox Tarot created by Taylor Haigh.

The message this read has for us is that things look like they are about to change for the better. The underlying energy of our weekend is from the reversed Five of Pentacles. Upright its message is one of moving through hardship. In the reverse that time of hardship is lifting. The coming days might see new opportunities come forward, We may get an offer of help, a new job opportunity or perhaps a promotion. Whatever it is, it will take some time. This is the suit of Pentacles and with it, time is required for things to take shape. The inportant thing to know is that things will begin to get brighter and easier.

The two cards accompanying the bottom card are the reversed Four of Swords and the Three of Wands. Together they talk to us about recovery, awakening, progress and expansion. Start looking ahead, dreaming, and planning. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s getting brighter!

Have a wonderful weekend. Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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