Blue Aragonite in The Morning Light

This beauty, Blue Aragonite, was gifted to me a short time ago. When I received it, it was called Aqua Calcite. I had never heard of this mineral before, but thought there are a lot of crystals and minerals out there that I’ve never heard, so I was excited to research and discover what its qualities are. The problem was, visually it didn’t resemble any calcite I’d ever seen and it felt too heavy to be a calcite. When I began my research, I couldn’t find anything about a mineral called Aqua Calcite. I turned to a crystal – oriented person who owns a shop locally and explained my predicament with this gorgeous new friend. They took one look at it and said “That’s not calcite it is Blue Aragonite!” My intuition was right. With the question of what it was now taken care of, I knew what to look for!!!

One of the first things I discovered in researching this mineral is why it was mistakenly called a calcite. Both Aragonite and Calcite are chemically the same. The difference is in the structure of the elements that make them up.

The most common colors that Aragonite can be found in are clear, white, orange/red, brown, yellow, green and blue. Aragonite was first found in Spain. It was discovered by Abraham Gottlob Werner in 1797 near the village of Molina de Aragon, and name for the location. Other places where Aragonite can be found are in Britain, Morocco, Mexico and in the southwestern part of the US. On the Mohs scale it is a 3.5 to 4, and the chakras it works well with varies depending on the color. As a family, aragonite works with the root chakra. This variety, Blue Aragonite works well with the 3rd Eye, the Throat and Heart Chakras as well.

Some of the qualities Blue Aragonite has to offer are:

  • It enhances the ability to communicate physically and spiritually.
  • Heals emotional wounds from this and past lifetimes.
  • It opens spiritual vision.
  • Helps you communicate with spirit.
  • Strengthens intuition and psychic abilities.
  • Helps you stay calm during stressful times.
  • Helps you gain insight to the causes of problems.
  • It is said to help heal nerve and bone issues. I have not worked with this mineral in that way so I cannot speak to its ability or speed of healing.
  • Helps you make way for new things, experiences to enter your life.

I hope you enjoyed this brief introduction of Blue Aragonite interesting as well as helpful. If it seems like a mineral you would like to work with, I encourage you to acquire a piece and give it a try. I am sure you will love it as much as I do. Remember that crystals and minerals were given to the Earth to enhance our lives. I am in no way suggesting anyone leave allopathic medicine. Rather the purpose of these weekly articles is to offer alternative options to enhance your lives and wellbeing.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon




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