The Weekend Ahead

Life is full of struggle. It seems, sometimes we are no more done with one and another takes its place. Our Weekend Ahead Tarot Reading tells us to find a peaceful way to overcome any challenges we may have coming to us. The card brining us into our weekend is the Sacred Tree. Its message is to face our problems. Avoiding them and hoping they go away isn’t going to help. We need to dig deep and reach high to find solutions that work for everyone.

Wolf came to us to help. The wolf is a courageous and wise guide. They are not afraid to fight but would rather avoid it if possible. The wolf is a wonderful communicator, he tells us to take control and remove things from our lives that are not working. By doing this we have room for new blessings in our lives.

Our final card is the Calumet, and it reminds us to find a peaceful answer that respects everyone. An alliance that benefits all sides is a much better choice.

Thank you, BJ, for our Weekend Ahead Draw!

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