The Week Ahead

I decided to use this deck for our Week Ahead draw. It was my go-to deck for a long time. The deck is called Vision Quest, and it is by Gayan S. Winter and Jo Dose. the message our cards bring us is of a new thought or perspective that will lead to change and clarity in some aspect of our lives. Let’s take a closer look and see what the Week Ahead may have in store for us. 

The energy bringing us through the week is coming from the Daughter of Air. Something may feel a bit off as the week begins. Something in the air might not feel quite right and this leaves us feeling a little uneasy. It will be important to stay on the alert and tune into our intuition. A message is on its way that will give is a new idea or perspective on a situation we could be struggling with. The amount of clarity we have will determine our next move. 

The Eight of Fire comes to us next, and with it the potential for fast changes. We are going to need to be careful that we don’t jump into action before we are ready. Take time to fully understand the situation, get the details and communicate your feelings about the matter. It might feel like things are difficult and moving quickly but hang in there, this could be a good thing. 

Our final card is the Six of Air and this is another card of clarity and change. Once we understand fully what is going on, the insight we have may lead us to make some changes. There is a possibility for movement away from a situation that may not have been the best option for us. Before we can make the decision to move on, we do need understanding. Take the time to tune in to our intuition, and to ask important questions. 

Have a wonderful week! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon                



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