The Weekend Ahead

Our Weekend Ahead looks to be a positive one. It is not without conflict but in the end good things will come from it. So, let’s take a look at what is in store for us.

The Ace of Pentacles came up as the energy driving our weekend. Aces point us to what can be a new opportunity of some kind. Whether it is the possibility new job, or a new home; we could have some kind of new opportunity come to us this weekend that might have the potential to be a very positive choice for each of us.

Getting to this end will probably not be an easy road as the Five of Wands is here. When this card comes to a reading it generally means there is a conflict brewing. This means we need to make sure we understand all of what is involved. It also means we should make sure everyone involved, whether family friends or co-workers, in this opportunity are all on the same page. Communication is the best answer to misunderstandings.

Our final card is the Three of Cups, and what a wonderful outcome! This is a card of happiness and celebration. It tells us we will reach our goal with this new opportunity. Of course, it will take work, but we’ll get there!

Thank you, BJ, for today’s guest reading!

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