The Week Ahead

I used the Nature Whispers Oracle Deck for the Week Ahead draw. It is a beautiful deck by Angela Hartfield and Josephine Wall.

The card that came up to guide us through our week is Potential Gateway. This is a numbered deck, and the number of this card is 50. Five is the energy of movement and flexibility, and zero is the energy of infinite possibility. Combined these energies are what our card and our week are about.

The message Potential Gateway has for us is that we all have something new coming. Whether it is a new path, a new action to take on a project or in a relationship, or a move; we will have to see what presents itself to each of us. We will have to decide what we want, then use our knowledge and our skills to get things going.

How we do that this week is answered by our second card, Trust Your Own Understanding. An excellent card for direction. The number of this card is 32. Three is the number of the ascended masters, creativity and joy. Two holds the energy of harmony and cooperation.

The message we have from Trust Your own Understanding is, we should look carefully at our situation before making a decision. Chances are there is more going on than we are aware of. We also need to listen to our intuition; we are receiving messages that should be considered. If we use our knowledge and intuition, we will be in the perfect position to move through the gate into our future.

Have a fabulous week! blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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