The Weekend Ahead

I received this oracle deck as a Chirstmas gift and thought I would use it for our Weekend Ahead draw. The deck is called Spirit of The animals, it is a 52 card oracle deck created by Jody Bergsma. Lets see what it has to tell us about our weekend.

The energy bringing us through the weekend is Raccoon. This card is about creativity, confidence and being adaptabe when circumstances and situations try to over run us. We may find ourselves facing something which makes us frustrated at how little we are accomplishing. Maybe its an issue of being blocked or stuck for a way to move forward. Perhaps we don’t even have an idea or a plan to move to move forward with. Raccoon tells us there is always a way.

Ram is the card accompanying Raccoon and it guides us to listen to our intuition. To think clearly and not let our emotions override us. The Ram is a very agile animal. It always gets where it is going even across what appears to be the most impossible terrain.

Our cards encourage us to be fearless, to be confident, to adapt and to trust ourselves. We have the skills and the strength to get through what may seem like a pool of quicksand pulling us down. There is a way, a lifeline. We simply have to open ourselves to new and creative possibilities. Be brave, persistent and remember you can do it!

Have a fabulous weekend! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

If you are interested in this deck you can check it out here.

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