The Week Ahead

Courage and determination are going to be needed this week, but if we hang in, we can reach our goal. The underlying energy bringing us through the week is the Major Arcana card, Strength. This is a card of inner strength, confidence, power and courage. When it card comes to a reading it reminds us, that with focus, change will come. Being a Major Arcana card tells us this might not happen quickly, but it will happen.

Our other two cards are from the realm of Wands. They talk to us about growth, creativity, and action. The Queen of Wands is here to tell us not to be afraid of taking on a challenge. Each of us has a lot to offer. Our Queen is encouraging us to own our power, speak our truth and take a chance. The Queen of Wands is about courage, determination, confidence, independence, optimism and joy. Don’t let fear or worry or disappointment into your heart this week. There is a way through it. Release the worry and open yourself to possibility. Make a plan and take a chance.

The Six of Wands shows us, when we take that chance, focus and do the work it will take us to a victory! It may not be the end we have in sight but we will make progress, and that will be wonderful.

Have a fantastic week! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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