Phantom Calcite in The Morning Light

I found todays crystal at a local rock and mineral show in Madison. I thought it was interesting, although I have written about several different types of Calcite some of them are here; Optical, Yellow, Green, Orange if you would like to read about them. I’d never seen Calcite like this before, it was called Phantom Calcite. From my experience, a phantom crystal is clear and has a ghost crystal image within it. This is a possibility since Calcite is found in a range from clear, translucent to opaque. It is very possible to have a true phantom calcite crystal. I had very little luck finding anything out about my new lovely crystal until I came upon alternate names. A couple are Banded calcite and Onyx Marble. I had the best luck with Zebra Calcite. I was told at the show that this is a fairly new find from Mexico. How new is something I have yet to discover.

As with all crystal family groups, this holds the characteristics of the group along with its own individual qualities. The colors can vary depending on the minerals in the mix as the calcite is forming. On the Mohs scale this form is, like all the others in its group, a very soft 3. This specimen of Phantom Calcite (Zebra Calcite) works well with the Solar plexus and Root chakra.

I have to say I love the gentle rush of energy it gives off. Some of the properties this crystal has to offer are:

  • The combination of Solar Plexus and Root Chakra energy make this both grounding and supportive.
  • Like all Calcite it is an energy amplifier.
  • Improves your confidence level so you can face challenges without fear.
  • It is said to help astral projection, but I can’t speak to the accuracy of this as I have not worked with it in this way yet.
  • Helps you set personal boundaries.
  • Gives you the courage to step outside your comfort zone to follow your dream.
  • Helps settle chaotic energy to give you balance and focus.

I hope you found this short introduction to Phantom Calcite interesting. If it seems like a crystal you would like to work with, I encourage you to acquire a piece and give it a try. I am sure you will love it as much as I do. Remember that crystals and minerals were given to the Earth to enhance our lives. I am in no way suggesting anyone leave allopathic medicine. Rather the purpose of these weekly articles is to offer alternative options to enhance your lives, our wellbeing, and your life.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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