Prince and his Numbers


Within this reality we play roles for one another. We create ideas of who we are and masks that reflect the person we want others to identify as us. We know the roles we play may or may not be who we truly are. Some of us struggle to find our truth and discover why we are here. This is where Numerology comes in. Numerology is one of my life’s passions. Doing charts for people is fascinating, seeing how the energy of numbers within our name directs us along our path is so interesting. Everything in the universe boils down to the math, and the numbers are never wrong. 

 Like other forms of divination, numerology doesn’t tell us directly what will happen in your future. It can’t because we have free will, and with it we can choose to follow the path we came here to travel, or we can make changes. Numerology is the gate; whether we choose to pass through it and take the journey is up to us. Numerology identifies our strengths and weaknesses. With this information we are better informed about our path and where it will take us.  

 There are many kinds of numerology. All cultures on Earth have some type in their history. I use two forms when doing a chart for a client. The first is Pythagorean, this form assigns a number value of 1-9 to the letters in your name. The numbers are added, reduced then their meaning defined. I also use the Kabballah; a form of numerology from the Hebrew Spiritual Tradition. It’s a little more complicated but I find the result to be very accurate and honest. 

 All numbers have positive and negative aspects to them just as we as do in our lives so keep in mind that a chart might reveal an area that needs attention. This does not mean that someone is a bad person. It simply means like all humans we have our flaws, and it is part of the human experience. Being aware of our flaws allows us to work on correcting behaviors we do not want to continue. 

 In a short chart I give the individual five different areas of information. The Life Path number, Expression number, Soul Urge, the Inclusion table and finally their Kabbalah numbers and meanings. A full chart allows for much more information, but to be honest it is way more than most people can wrap their heads around. If people want the additional information I will, of course, provide it. 

 I recently took a look at Princes numbers. When doing his chart, I included the S on his middle name because he added it during his life. Here is what I discovered. 

 Life Path – 9 

The Life Path Number describes your journey through this lifetime. It is your main goal and purpose for being here. This is found in your birth date. 

Nine is what I call the big picture number. In numerology it is a transition number. It is also the third step on the path of love. Nine is a number of the humanitarian, brotherhood, and tolerance.  

As his Life Path number, the energy of the nine made him an honorable, compassionate and trustworthy man whose focus was on making the world a better place than he found it, and helping people rise to their highest potential. After his transition stories came out of his many private donations to charities and people in need.  

Having a life path of nine can also put one into a situation of being taken advantage of. People with this life path number have very open hearts. They want to see the best in everyone, but unfortunately that is not always the case. They can find themselves being used and let down by users.  

Expression – 100/1 

The Expression Number is taken from your full name at birth and tells you what skills and abilities you brought to this lifetime to help you achieve your Life Path goals.  

Prince was a complete package. With the conscious addition of the s to his middle name, the numbers of his name add up 100. In all the years I have been doing numerology I have never seen this before! Reducing this makes Princes Expression a 1.  

The number one is bold, a leader, an innovator, a good business man and independent. Prince was certainly all these, to the point of wanting control of his body of creative work. The energy of this number is highly creative and wants to keep busy. This is evidenced in the vault of music he left behind. Ones in this position can be perfectionists which can be frustrating. It probably made him difficult to live and work with sometimes. That drive for perfection, in the end is what made him who he was. He knew what he wanted, what needed to be done and how to go about making it happen; his way!  

When I was breaking his name down, I found two interesting numbers. Within Princes name in the Expression area he has the Master Number 11/2 and the Good Karma number 10. When combines these two numbers are quite telling. 11/2 is the first of the Master Numbers and its energy is of the visionary and the spiritual teacher. In the area of the Expression it holds the capacity to be a great inspiration. He was aware of this and took great measures to not compromise his ideals or beliefs. Being a big picture person, he was well aware of his long-term goals and what effects his actions would have on them. The number 10 in this pairing is like a heaping spoonful of blessing. It took work to achieve what he accomplished, but his effort was most certainly blessed.  

Soul Urge – 9 

The Soul Urge Number is exactly what its name tells. It is who we are and what we long for at the deepest part of our being. 
In this position Nine came back as Princes Soul Urge number. What this tells us is, on the soul level, Prince was a very loving, kind, compassionate, giving person. He honestly cared about people and wanted to make a positive difference in the world. Having this big picture number at the heart of who he was means that he understood how blessed he was and that he could use his influence and resources to benefit others. 
Like in the Expression his Soul Urge has two Master Numbers. Both being 11/2. The other is a Karma Debt number, 14. It is incredibly fascinating that he would have two 11/2s in this aspect. This tells us he was deeply spiritual and lived his truth for all to see.
Karma is nothing to fear. One of the side effects of living many lifetimes is that we all come upon instances where we accumulate some kind of debt that must be paid back. Prince did too and this time he chose to pay back one having to do with the number four. It appears in his first name. The energy of the four is about structure, organization and work. He certainly cleared that this time.  

Inclusion Table 
The Inclusion Table is the sum total of the experiences and lessons learned across all your previous lives, whether they were lived on Earth or elsewhere. While all of our skills and abilities are available to us, we do not bring all of them to this life.  

The table is calculated by the total number of each number in a name, 1-9. Each number in the chart has an average amount of lessons and are the number in the parenthesis. In areas where the average is less than the average or nonexistent for any number, it simply means that we, as a being, will keep working to fully learn the lessons within that number. Where there may be an overabundance compared to the average, it means that you have encountered these lessons several times and balance might be what you need to learn. Thankfully time is not an issue, we can take as many lifetimes as necessary to fully learn our lessons. 

Numbers one through six are the lessons we need to learn in order to get along on this 3D physical reality. Seven begins the lessons that move us forward spiritually. What I will do here is list the average number for each in parenthesis, and Princes beside it along with what is means.  

  1. (3) 2 The lessons of number one teach us skills necessary to take care of our basic needs. As we can see, Prince has one fewer than the average. While he was capable of caring for himself and others in this lifetime. It is my belief that getting ownership of his intellectual property was his final lesson in this area.
  2. (1) 0 The number two teaches us to get along with others. Two is intuition, balance, harmony, cooperation and diplomacy. Having no twos in his name tells us that Prince knew what he wanted and was not willing to compromise. While he was a very loving and compassionate person, he was probably not very patient with people who questioned his decisions once he made up his mind.
  3. (2) 1 The number three is about joy, creativity, and self-expression. Prince was obviously a very creative person this time around. What is interesting to me is the duality of his nature. Being a Gemini, he was two different people. On stage he was incredibly open and expressive, but in his private life he was a very quiet person. Perhaps this life was to help him open up a bit more.
  4. (1) 0 Four is a foundational number that teaches us organization, structure, the ability to focus on a task, and the value of hard work. This is obviously a lesson he nailed this time around! It’s probably not something he will have to visit again.

  5. (4) 7 The number five teaches us flexibility, to think quickly and to cope with change. It is also a number that enjoys variety, travel and new experiences. Having three more than the average in this area tells us Prince was all about change. He probably loved being busy, to the point of working on several things at once. The word ordinary was not in his vocabulary. He reinvented himself several times and experimented musically. Those who followed his career saw him grow and develop into the icon love by millions.
  6. (2) 2 The number six is about relationships, service and responsibility. Being balanced in this area means that Prince had the average skills required to cultivate and protect the people in this life and the community as a whole. To be honest this surprised me a bit. Having a nine in his Soul Urge made me think he would have more than the average in this area. To use the word average in association with Prince just doesn’t feel right, but he knew what it took to build good lasting relationships.
  7. (1) 2 The number seven is the first of the higher numbers. It is a spiritual number that teaches us insight, wisdom, knowledge, understanding and our ability to think and analyze. It is not terribly common to have more than the average in this area, but Prince was not an ordinary man. He was a highly spiritual person, a deep thinker who marched to the beat of his own drum. With more than the average in this area Prince was not about to take anyone’s word as gospel. He would do the work to find the answers and ultimately his truth.  

  8. (1) 0 The number eight is an interesting number. It is a powerful energy that teaches us leadership, to manage our daily affairs, and to find a balance between the physical and spiritual aspects of our lives. I call it a grown up four because it is more structured and organized. Just like with the two and four, Prince came into this lifetime with a 0 in this area and nailed this lesson!  

  9. (3) 4 We have discussed this number already in this post. The number nine teaches compassion, tolerance, brotherhood and understanding. This is certainly who Prince was.

Kabbalah 874

As I said earlier the Kabbalah is a type of Numerology within the Hebrew spiritual system. Like Pythagorean Numerology it assigns a numerical value to the letters of your name, the numbers are added and the meaning of the values defined. I like this system because it tends to be quite specific where the Pythagorean system can sometimes be vague. It can be brutally honest but more specifically accurate. 

I found the result for Prince surprising at first. I expected his number to be well over one thousand. Then I realized he was an ascended master here to do a job for humanity and this made sense. Here is Princes number and what it tells us. 

Looking at the numerical result of the Kabbalah requires us to break it down by hundreds, tens and ones. Princes result is 874 which shows us: 

800: We know that eight is a number of power and leadership. Eight hundred tells us that in his life he would gain a large amount of power and influence in whatever area of life he chose to pursue.  

70: This number tells us that he would encounter a big challenge in his life but would overcome it and find success on the other side of it. 

4: Four in the number of work and structure, and this tells us he would have a great deal of work-related issues to deal with. It also gives a warning the health issues might be a problem later in life.  

This concludes a look at Prince Rogers Nelsons Numerology chart. I hope you found it as fascinating as I did. If you are interested to see what the numbers of your name have to tell you, contact me and we can make it happen.   

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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