The Week Ahead

We have the energy of the Six of Wands bringing us through the week. While there is nothing wrong with having a desire to be victorious, or to be recognised for our hard work. This card encourages us to put ourselves out there and to keep going. Keep in mind, though, that it is work that will get us to this goal of victory and recognition. To this end we have some support from the Seven of Pentacles, the Ace of Wands and The Star. 

The Seven of Pentacles is a card of reflection and wisdom. We are being presented with a harvest. What that harvest is, is different for each of us. What we do with it is the question we must all consider carefully before we make a decision. How can we use it to build a secure future?

Taking time to consider our options will lead us to a creative spark in our second card, the Ace of Wands. This card brings us the possibility of a new beginning. Wands are about creativity, passion, growth and expansion. Be open to inspiration this week.

Our final card is The Star. I love this card! The Star brings us a new awareness of our potential. It gives us the hope and faith to believe we can get to whatever goal we can set for ourselves!

So take the time to consider your options in relation to what your goals are. Be open to inspiration and do the work. Then know you can reach  that goal. Believe you can because there is hope!

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Have a wonderful week  ❤  Blessed Be ❤ Sharon



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