The Weekend Ahead

After a week of contemplation, our weekend reading seems to be urging us to get moving. Leading the way is the Page of Swords. The pages are about new beginnings, and the Page of Swords, a beginning of an idea, a plan or a new way of thinking. With this card things can come quickly, so we have a pair of Kings to guide us.

The King of Swords instructs us to be disciplined, to think clearly and to act confidently. Take the lead if you must. Our final card is the King of Cups. You would think the kings would not work well together but they do. This King is very stable, in complete control of his emotions and guides us to stay in control and not go flying off into anything without thinking and planning first. We must not forget to listen to our intuition. If something doesn’t feel right, step back, get some perspective and make any changes needed before moving forward.

Thank you, BJ, for today’s guest reading!

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