The Week Ahead

Eagle Medicine jumped from the deck as I was shuffling the cards for The Week Ahead Tarot draw, telling us perspective will be necessary in the days ahead.

Our first card is Spirit Keeper of the North. North is the direction of the dark before the dawn, it is about endings. When this card comes up in a reading, the message is about taking time to consider what is working and what isn’t. To dream and make plans. Any answers we are looking for are waiting for us to discover them this week. All we have to do is take some time alone to think and meditate.

Our second card is, Vision Quest, another card encouraging us to take a step back and allow time for thought. Vision Quest tells us to watch for the signs. The answers we are loking for are around us, we just have to be aware enough to see them for what they are.

This brings us back to Eagle Medicine, the card that jumped from the deck. The Eagle is revered by many native cultures for its ability to fly high, and to commune with the Great Spirit. its message is one of perspective, and bravery.

Don’t feel like you must rush into anything in the days ahead. This is a week of contemplation. Take the time to know any decisions made are the right ones at the right time. Make sure consider all the options and plan well. Don’t be afraid to take a risk, just make sure it is a well planned one.

Have a great week!  Blessed Be ❤ Sharon


4 thoughts on “The Week Ahead

      1. Hey Sharon, I’m doing well. I hope the same is true of yourself. I’ve always had a problem with being in hyper mode. Years ago, the turtle presented itself to me as a animal totem to try and remind me that I don’t have to rush. Yet, I still neglect to allow myself to slow down and listen to the silence more. I guess it will happen one of these days.

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      2. It will, the turtle is a wonderful spirit animal to help with that. When we take a step back and slow down we allow ourselves to enjoy the moment; we gain perspective and with perspective we gain wisdom. yes the turtle is a wonderful teacher.


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